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An Elf for Christmas - Girl


Promote good behaviour with the award-winning Elf For Christmas who can't wait to bring magic and fun to homes and classrooms this Christmas in the run up to the Big Day.  See our video below on our little elves!!

A brand new modern family tradition this magical Elf toy & reward kit is perfect for all ages and this hand finished girl Elf toy is all ready to arrive on December 1st to spread festive fun across the land. With her cute smile on her pretty face, a festive dress and scarf, long legs and mischievously long arms, our Elf is perfectly designed for all sorts of fun and games!

Her long arms can reach round all sorts of things and her hands Velcro together so she can get up to all sorts of mischief this December.

Our Elf For Christmas comes with her own reward kit which is where the real magic begins. These include :

  • A Christmas Elf Girl, 
  • 2 x Official Nice List Certificates
  • Mini Elf Report Cards,
  • A Christmas Reward Sheet,
  • Elf Stickers,
  • Arrival Letter from Santa
  • Departure Letter,
  • 2 x Letter to Santa Templates
  • Beware of the Elf Sign and Santa Please Stop Here Sign
  • A Thank You Card

Material : 100% polyester - hand wash only

Height of Elf : 28cm approx

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